Eating more alkaline rice is good for lowering blood sugar

Eating more alkaline rice is good for lowering blood sugar

Shallow rice is a type of rice produced after processing rice, which has a lower glycemic index than rice.

According to Dou Anxiang, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Changchun Central Hospital, diabetics often eat a small amount of rice to reduce blood sugar and balance the intake structure.

  According to the director of Dou Dou, the glycemic index of the blood glucose meter is low, and the blood glucose will not rise quickly after eating the blood glucose meter.

Crude rice contains magnesium and fiber. Experiments have shown that these two can effectively resist the attack of diabetes.

Plasma in plasma rice is covered with crude fiber, and it enters the human body to be digested and absorbed more slowly. It can help diabetic patients to control blood sugar and balance metabolic structure.

  Director Dou said that the rough rice has the functions of treating anemia and constipation.

Regularly eating a small amount of rice can also improve the body’s immunity, because it can supplement potassium, magnesium, zinc and other elements, and can prevent cardiovascular disease.

You can consider that the rice feels thick before cooking and it takes time to cook. You can soak it in cold water before cooking.