[Best time to eat dragon fruit]_Recommended diet There is no doubt that dragon fruit is a fruit with very high nutritional value, which belongs to tropical and subtropical fruits. It has very good anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects, and can greatly reduce the chance of dementia in many elderly friends. TheContinue Reading

Playing video games for children with ADHD? According to a Xinhua news agency, British researchers recently reported that a specially designed video game system can effectively help children focus and reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Researchers tested the effectiveness of such a video game system developed by a company. TheContinue Reading

Eating more alkaline rice is good for lowering blood sugar Shallow rice is a type of rice produced after processing rice, which has a lower glycemic index than rice. According to Dou Anxiang, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Changchun Central Hospital, diabetics often eat a small amount of riceContinue Reading

Find the right fitness method for you We are born to be athletic geniuses, as long as we find our own tribe. Fitness card always sleeps in the parking lot? Do you have a fitness card Have you used it before? Why not?   I couldn’t find my own interest, anyway,Continue Reading

How to care for the elderly in the spring First, pay attention to prevent colds The climate of spring is changeable, warm and cold, especially in the early spring, often with cold currents and sudden drop in temperature. Coupled with the skin of the human body, the expansion of theContinue Reading

Play “shadow games” to stimulate children’s imagination When we lifted the flashlight, we naturally thought of lighting. But in addition to the lighting function, the family’s standing flashlight is an important prop in parent-child games! (Suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months) Play method 1: Turn on the flashlightContinue Reading

锘? What food is best for winter? Recently, the temperature has dropped, and many people have put on thick clothes, but it is still difficult to withstand the cold. In fact, eating food can also help you keep warm. Absolutely, eat some warm and tonic foods in winter, such asContinue Reading