Do not drink Siwu Tang during menstruation Siwu Tang, known as the “gynecological holy prescription”, is composed of four parts of cooked herbs, Angelica sinensis, Chuanxiong, and Baiji. Rehmannia glutinosa nourishes yin and nourishes blood, fills the essence and replenishes the marrow; Angelica nourishes blood and regulates menstruation; Paeonia lactifoliaContinue Reading

Newborns should not use herbs to eliminate fetal poison Core tips: According to pediatric experts, it is found that after taking herbal medicine, newborns will affect the metabolism of bilirubin, develop acute hemolytic jaundice, appear skin, eyes, and yellow urine. About 5% of baby boys in the south have hadContinue Reading

Moisturize your skin Several effects of beauty liquid: firm skin, resist aging the contribution of nutrition water has an important role in our metabolism. Water is a dissolving medium for nutrients and transport substances. Water can relieve heat flow and mechanical irritation, and introduce the cosmetic substances we apply intoContinue Reading

Practicing yoga on the bed gives you buck Nowadays, more and more yoga projects, and now a popular lazy yoga movement-bedside yoga, it is with this that can keep you calm and content all day.   Call your muscles to take a deep breath for two to three minutes. Inhale andContinue Reading

_1 Prepared: teach you how to choose yoga clothes Equipment: Convenient and comfortable for meditation, yoga clothing is comfortable and loose. In the height of the oriental flavor this year, the Zen-style fashion advocating simplicity and nature is blowing quietly at the same time, and the yoga clothes are naturallyContinue Reading

How to solve dysmenorrhea quickly Click to buy how to quickly resolve dysmenorrhea? Women always have so many days each month, and they are fragile and grumpy. This is because the report from the “aunt” will affect the mood and will be accompanied by dysmenorrhea.There is interference. So do youContinue Reading

My wife’s uncle drove me off track Wu Lingling (a pseudonym) came to me after her husband had an extramarital affair. She cried as soon as she stepped into my consultation room. She scolded her husband Jiang Fuqing (pseudonym) for nothing-“He is so unconscience, he isChen Shimei also wants ChenContinue Reading

Personality type Parents usually work hard for their children, but they also need your active care. Learn about their thoughts and see which kind of filial behavior is most intimate to them? Are the parents at home usually majestic? Do you know that they actually hide some real personality?   PleaseContinue Reading

_1 Fruit Skin Care Guide Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A in the fruit . How much can be “eaten” by the skin when it is put into the mouth and digested through the stomach? It is with this conviction that beauty-loving, natural-loving, and DIY crushes are happy to tryContinue Reading

70% of students are unwilling to interact with the teacher (Reporter Liu Fangfang) Recently, Jiangbei District Education Department and Youth Office’s survey of 56 primary and middle school students in the region revealed that more than 70% of students do not trust teachers and do not want to treat teachersContinue Reading