Before the job interview to do four things Minister of University Services Tianjin Human Resources Development Service Center Liu Fengjing presentation, job interview the employer is visually and Q & A as the main way, in the form of outstanding personnel selection examination required. Usually scheduled for after the writtenContinue Reading

pear Pyrus Rosaceae Pear. There are many varieties, cultivated all over China. The meat is crisp, juicy and sweet.   It is sweet, cold, slightly acidic, non-toxic.   Ingredients Grains contain organic acids (for malic acid, citric acid, sugars (grape chair, sucrose, etc., vitamins B, C).   Function to moisturize the lungs, clearContinue Reading

Idle cosmetics can also become treasure We are all hoarders, so there will always be a bunch of “out of favor” skin care products on the dresser. Are these “chicken rib” cosmetics facing the fate of being thrown into the trash? “NO! “In the current financial crisis, all actions shouldContinue Reading

Preventing cancer diets must follow three principles Guide: Improve the standard of living, let “eat” a double-edged sword. Cancer is one of the diseases that are eaten. If the diet is reasonable, the risk of cancer can be reduced by 55%. To prevent cancer, you must follow the three principlesContinue Reading

14 must-have foods for Valentine’s Day [Introduction]Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that the kidney is the “innate origin” and “the source of life”. Its physiological functions are Tibetan essence, main water, main qi, main bone, raw marrow, and human bones and blood vessels, skin and even teeth, ears have aContinue Reading

A classic summary of humanity 1. What a person shows off, explain what is inside.   2. The more one cares about a person, the more it makes him humble.   3. Everyone has the habit of making good or bad decisions with the first impression. When they think that a personContinue Reading

Five Food Therapies for Irregular Menstruation (1) The menstrual period is advanced or delayed more than 7 days before or after the menstrual period; (2) The menstrual cycle is irregular or irregular; the menstrual period is irregular; (3) the menstrual flow is more or less menstrualHow much; (4) abnormal color,Continue Reading

Eating more alkaline rice is good for lowering blood sugar Shallow rice is a type of rice produced after processing rice, which has a lower glycemic index than rice. According to Dou Anxiang, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Changchun Central Hospital, diabetics often eat a small amount of riceContinue Reading