Playing video games for children with ADHD? According to a Xinhua news agency, British researchers recently reported that a specially designed video game system can effectively help children focus and reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Researchers tested the effectiveness of such a video game system developed by a company. TheContinue Reading

1 cup of green tea per day can cure nasal boil Snoring is a widespread sleep phenomenon, with a male to female ratio of about 6: 1.   If there is a snoring sound like thunder during sleep, there is no suffocation, and when you wake up, you are refreshed, whichContinue Reading

Psychological balance is as simple as that First, people who are not excessively demanding should have their own ambitions, but some people’s ambitions are unrealistic and simply beyond their abilities. If they are unable to desire, they will think of themselves as being reluctant and depressed all day long. SomeContinue Reading

How sweltering weather conditions the stomach The summer season is the season when high blood pressure disease is high. How can we effectively adjust kidney function and prevent prostate disease? . hzh{display:none;}  一戒过食生冷。  In summer, at the same time as the temperature rises, the yang of nature is getting stronger and stronger,Continue Reading

How to take care of the newborn’s umbilical cord Liu Hua’s wife gave birth to a 7-pound boy. A few days after childbirth, the careful grandma found that her navel eyes were red and swollen when she bathed the baby, so she supplemented herself with some wormwood ash and thenContinue Reading

My love keywords Traditional Chinese, what is the last day of the Eleven Golden Week, I and her went to a place near the school to play. When she saw the inscription on the stele, let me point it out. I was dumbfounded, it was all traditional Chinese characters writtenContinue Reading

10 tips for dry and dehydrated skin Some people’s skin is prone to various problems due to dryness and dehydration, such as tight and itchy skin, dry skin, etc., so at this time the skin needs more careful treatment, not just applying a mask and applying emulsionIt is necessary toContinue Reading

How interpersonal communication transcends self Deposit Six Kinds of Emotional Deposits1. Understanding others can only enhance their relationship if they understand and accept each other’s likes and dislikes.   If you want to be understood, you must first understand others.   2. Note that some seemingly insignificant subsections, such as negligence andContinue Reading

Health with cassia seed eyes “On the case, there is a spread of dragon trees on the case. This is the poem of the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi. The main ingredient of the Cassia Pills for treating eye diseases referred to in the poem is Cassia seed. Cassia seed,Continue Reading